The Team

Mike Moore
Mike Moore Chief Executive Officer
Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur. He has been a principal and founder in over a dozen companies in a wide variety of industries, including software, manufacturing, mining, wireless technology, medical, 3-D publishing and oil trading companies. Mike has worked on technology development projects for NASA.

Mike has recently retired from the US Naval Reserves as a combat veteran with over 30 years of experience in areas such as electronic warfare, navigation, logistics, intelligence, remote sensing, diplomatic relations, security and counter-insurgency and other classified projects.
He is the principal visionary, strategist and driving force behind MedWatch.

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Sam Zaidspiner
Sam Zaidspiner Chief Operating Officer
Sam is an all-court executive that has successfully launched dozens of products and MedTech devices over his 35-year career. In the past decade, he developed, launched, and scaled all operations for a class 2 medical device,, that is now in 3,000 hospitals with over 3,000,000 units sold.

In the early formative years for Irrisept®, he laid the foundation of the company for growth in all areas of the business including product development, engineering, regulatory, quality, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, sales, customer service, and international business development. From 2000 to 2010, Zaidspiner was founder and CEO of Slingshot Product Development Group, a group of innovative engineers, designers, and scientists that launched hundreds of impactful devices and products for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Zaidspiner’s key strengths include balancing strategic thinking with attention to detail, building strong teams and strong relationships with strategic partners.

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Dr. Aaron U. Levy
Dr. Aaron U. Levy M&A - Chief Strategic Officer
Aaron U. Levy, PhD. is the Chief Strategic Officer at MedWatch Technologies, Inc., overseeing strategic initiatives, financial modeling as a foundation for planning & growth, leading corporate vision and joint ventures, including M&A, governance, and board relations.

A seasoned technology CEO (private & publicly traded), commercial growth leader, innovative scientist/engineer, and a published author with global operational and manufacturing experience, Aaron is expert in building teams, scaling, and leading innovations to market through a balanced integration of sales growth strategies, financial structuring, organizational development, M&A, investors, and board relations.  He started as a scientist research engineer, designing a Cosmic Rays detector for an Astrophysics at UCI; magnetic & infrared card readers at Citicorp and founded Cygnus Engineering, a CAD design firm that sold/merged to Acom Computers, Inc.  a laser printing company. He designed, and marketed innovative products and rapidly rosed to COO, President, and then to CEO, and Chairman at several private and publicly traded firms, from the early stage to publicly traded ($1B M-Cap NASDAQ); He also served as CEO, economic development, of a Native American Tribe with over $1B in operations. Aaron presented to the investment community, and led companies that delivered to Cisco, Illumina, Baxter, NASA/JPL, Xerox, IBM, TI, HP, Boeing, Honeywell, BA, Elbit & Toshiba.

Aaron’s diverse background, innovation, overall understanding of organizational, financial, and human performance, helps bridge the gap between corporate disciplines, communication to investors, and how to optimize M&A process for the benefits of stakeholders.

Aaron holds a PhD in management, BSEE and MSAE in Engineering.  A patent holder for a manufacturing process, Aaron published “Factors Influencing CEOs” (2015, 2010) & Digital Printing (2004).  He was Elected to Young President Organization (YPO) & engineering honor societies.  An ex-military, Navy & Air Force, Aaron received his FAA Certifications as an Airline Pilot, flight instructor; operated dom. & int flights, instructed professional pilots as well as member of royalty.  An avid competitive swimmer, USMS certified coach, and a member of the US Water Polo Assoc., he qualified and competed in the world swimming championship (Montreal, 2014).

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Bruce Matichuk, MSc, MBA, PhD Candidate
Bruce Matichuk, MSc, MBA, PhD Candidate Chief Technology Officer
Bruce is the Co-Founder and CTO of Health Gauge, a company that built and runs a health information platform. He has worked as the CTO for several AI-based companies. Past work has included developing an intelligent

integration system based on AI planning which resulted in several patents being filed.

Installations were made at several large sites including IBM, Apple, Lockheed Martin, Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporation, United Airlines, Hallmark, and others. With another company, he released an industry first e-mail and communication system for the medical community.

Bruce has published research in the area of AI and has filed several patents relating to the use of AI in industry. Bruce’s research focus is on intelligent agents including automated code generation, visual recognition, machine learning, and conversational systems. Bruce also provides regular industry talks on the emergence and use of AI.

Bruce has an MSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and is completing a PhD in AI (2023).

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Mark Cullivan, MBE
Mark Cullivan, MBE Chief Financial Officer
Mark has over 25 years corporate experience in both public and private companies. Previously, as the CFO of an internet platform company, he steered the organization to an AMEX public listing and later managed the successful acquisition of the company.

Following this endeavor, he owned a business development and marketing company that helped raise over $150 million for small cap public companies. Additionally, in his career he served as CFO of a wireless communication technology company, director of operations for a manufacturing company, and senior sales and marketing analyst for a consumer products company.

Mark earned his master’s degree in business economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is currently an instructor in the Knauss School of Business at the University of San Diego.

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Kevin Kapov, DO, Capt. USNR
Kevin Kapov, DO, Capt. USNR Chief Medical Officer - USA
While engaged with Optum Care, a subsidiary of United Health Group, Dr. Kapov held the position of Chief of Clinical Innovation for Southwest Medical, a large multispecialty group, in Las Vegas, NV. He was responsible for the creation of The Center for Clinical innovation.

The center sponsored a number of novel programs one of which focused on the implementation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) in the primary care setting. Working closely with Optum Labs and the International Diabetes Center, the team implemented training for staff, providers, and patients regarding the use and utility of these devices. The team also created a program to familiarize new resident physicians in the application and interpretation of CGM data. Over several years, Dr. Kapov and his team refined the use of the devices and the reporting of data to gain a better understanding of the impact that the CGM device has on diabetic care. The team installed hundreds of devices over multiple clinics. Dr. Kapov was a co-investigator in several studies at Southwest Medical that brought about improvements in the treatment care path for the patient with Type 2 Diabetes. The centers’ efforts provided not only CGM services but health coaching, activity trackers, and ambulatory glucose profiles which refined the treatment of diabetes.

During his tenure with Southwest Medical, Dr. Kapov also held the position of Senior Medical Director over primary care where he was directly responsible for the Adult Medicine Division presiding over 150 providers, 16 clinics, and caring for 350,000 patients while providing care for his own panel of patients.

Dr. Kapov, affiliated with the U.S. Navy for over 19 years serving as a Medical Corps Officer and flight surgeon, presently serves in the US Navy Reserves and continues in public service as a medical officer in Government Service.

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Jared P. Jones, PhD
Jared P. Jones, PhD Chief Research Officer
Dr. Jones is a biochemist with extensive diabetes research experience. He has spent the last 15 years working in the health care industry. The last three years he has served as a Director of Research at UnitedHealth Group (Optum Labs). His proof-of-concept research was foundational to the development of Level2, a new, innovative treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes.

He is adept at designing and implementing proof-of-concept studies, quality improvement initiatives, and clinical trials to solve health care problems. Dr. Jones is a proponent of using a minimal viable product model (MVP model) in answering research questions, thus optimizing the speed of discovery and savvy use of research assets.

Dr. Jones has co-authored 16 medical research papers including the 2019 article: “Empowering patients and providers with more and better data: Innovative concepts in type 2 diabetes management.”

Dr. Jones earned a PhD in Biochemistry from East Carolina University, School of Medicine.

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Geraldine Cunniffe-Conlon, MD, MSc, MBA
Geraldine Cunniffe-Conlon, MD, MSc, MBA Chief Medical Officer - Europe
Dr. Cunniffe-Conlon has more than 20-years of international experience as an Ophthalmic and Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, registered with medical regulatory bodies in both the UK and Ireland. She has authored 14 papers

for leading medical journals and is a member of numerous international societies, a KOL, speaker and judging investor panelist for startup health-related challenges and hackathons in London’s University College and School of Economics and pitch events across Los Angeles.

She has experience in R&D and data science for medical device and digital health technologies. She has also worked in the IP and regulatory environment since commencing her executive MBA in 2013. She has been active in the international start-up community as ambassador, mentor and meeting coordinator for Google Start-up Grind.

Dr. Cunniffe-Conlon has a keen interest in AI-driven data discovery and analytics, having studied AI at the Sloane School of Management, MIT. She holds a range of academic and industry qualifications including a Bachelor of Medicine from the National University of Ireland, Galway, an MSc and MBA from University College and Trinity College Dublin respectively.

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